Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Interesting links for 7th Dec 2010


There are different sources of information from where we get to know about various things. In this age of hi-tech gadgets and Web 2.0 the channels of communications just keep multiplying day by day. I myself use social media like Twitter and Facebook along with Orkut a lot. Twitter has overtaken my RSS feeds in Google Reader with respect to the links to various topics I am interested in.

I used Google Reader mainly to subscribe to the content of my interest. Most of the technical stuff I manage to keep track with the help of Google Reader. StackOverflow is my favourite go to site for technical issues and problems.

Although I use Delicious to store my favourite links online, still it becomes difficult to manage the flow of information. I remember reading a daily post by one of the blogger (apologize because I don’t remember his name right now) who used to put a summary of links from twitter of all the interesting posts. Off late I have not seen him blog. I am missing his links very badly.

For the benefit of my friends and for my own reference I thought of following a similar practice. I plan to put all the useful links that I came across during a day in a blog. This is the first part of that series.

Interesting links for 7th December 2010




Windows phone 7

A small but important UX improvement for ScrollViewer on the Windows Phone – Jeff Wilcox


Strategies for becoming better programmer – J P Boodhoo
http://blog.developwithpassion.com/2010/12/strategies-for-becoming-a-better-programmer. JP Boodhoo is the one of the guys who has some very good videos recorded on DNRTv website related to Design Patterns.



Couple of colleagues and some of the ex-colleagues have been requesting me to share the links with them for quite sometime. I think this would be a better option compared to sending an email everyday. I am planning to blog about interesting and useful links related to technologies that I am currently working on. Mostly this will involve stuff like Agile, ASP.NET MVC, WCF, DOTNET, WPF, Silverlight, ORM, JQuery, HTML 5 etc.

Until next time Happy Programming :)

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